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March Prayer Warrior Newsletter 2014

March 2014

Dear Prayer Warriors,
We are coming upon the Lenten season. It is usually customary to give up something for Lent,  A friend of a friend on facebook, made a comment the other day that she had "given up cussing for Lent, and then she broke her ankle". I realize that was a joke. However,  I usually give up meat, carbs or calories for Lent. That doesn't work well because we have all that food on Wednesdays. I blame Pastor for that! I am not saying which one but you know who you are. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Reading  Luke 9:23 “Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”.  So, essentially it’s about self denial, carrying our cross and following Jesus. To me that means, giving up something that stands in the way of serving my Lord, or interfering with my faith and trust of God. Giving up cussing is a noble thing, and diets are healthy for you. Many people make a Lenten promise to add something to their lives during this season. This can be done in conjunction with or in place of giving something up. For example make a point of spending more time reading the bible or praying "instead of" watching TV, listening to metal rock, or playing Candy Crush Saga.

Since Lent has to do with Jesus suffering for our sins, people figure it's a good time to try and make themselves suffer like Jesus. That is the WRONG reason to give up anything for Lent! The only suffering that does us any good, is the suffering of Jesus for our salvation. HIS suffering accomplishes our salvation. HIS pain and anguish take place in order to win for us the forgiveness of sins. Our salvation and sanctification and holiness don't come because we somehow make ourselves suffer "with" Jesus. The forgiveness of sins is ours because Jesus suffers FOR US. In our place. As our Substitute.

As a kid, I think the most widely used Lenten promise was to give up candy.  Yes, it was self denial, but come Easter morning– watch out little solid chocolate bunny!  So, yeah, there may have been a small disconnect in my complete understanding of Lent as a child.  The Lenten promise or “giving up” is about turning our lives over to Jesus, and giving up or turning away from sin.  A sin, or anything material that takes our focus off of Jesus, is a good thing to step away from–even for just 40 days.  In prayer, we can hope to grow in this time of conversion and be blessed with the realization that through Christ– NOT the fulfillment of the flesh–all things are possible.

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