Sack Lunch Drive

Sack Lunch Drive to Benefit

Metro Lutheran Ministries

April 16 - 27, 2014

The Board of Human Care and Missions is once again collecting nonperishable food items to feed the homeless.  These items will be made into sack lunches by the Sunday School children and donated to Metro Lutheran Ministries, which serves 200 – 300 low income families and the homeless in the Inner City each month. 

We are hoping to make 100 sack lunches. This has been a fun and wonderful way for the Sunday School children to do a community service project!  We have divided up the items by week to make it easier for us to collect and track.

April 6: We will be collecting the following items:

Meat: Chicken Salad w/crackers, Tuna Salad w/crackers, ham spread, ham salad, Vienna Sausages, deli cut sausage links etc (Sam’s Club has 18 pack of Vienna Sausage).

April 13:

1) Chips, Pretzels, Cheezits: individual small bags (Number of bags in a package vary. Some are 24 count.)

2) 8 oz Drinks: Capri’s, HI-C, Little Hugs fruit drinks etc. (Usually come 10 in a pack. Sam’s Club has 40 packs).

April 20:

  1. Snacks: pudding, jello cups, oatmeal cream pies, pop-tarts, individual pkgs of cookies, etc, fruit snacks (Pudding usually comes in 4 packs. Sam’s Club has a 36 pack of pudding. Jello and fruit snacks in 6 packs and cookies in 12 packs).

2)  Fruit: fruit cups, applesauce or raisins, etc. (Fruit cups usually come in 4 packs. Sam’s Club has a 16 pack of fruit.  Applesauce and raisins usually come in 6 packs. Sam’s Club has a 36 pack of applesauce.)

April 27:  Look for an email or an announcement in the bulletin for items that we will still need.

Please drop off items in the tub located in the Communication Center.  Your donation is very appreciated!  Thank you for helping those in need!