Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Dear Members of BSLC:

Great job!  Thanks to those of you who already had LCEF accounts and to those who recently opened new accounts, we exceeded the 7.5% investment level required to get the loan origination fee on our refinance credited back to us in the amount of $3,500.  In fact, we exceeded our expectations and reached the level of 11.1%, which equals 83 investors.  Congratulations!

Some of you may have missed the opportunity to open new accounts.  The good news is you still have a chance to participate!   With just 26 more investors, BSLC would gain a .25% rebate on our new loan, which would amount to an estimated annual savings of $3,468, or a 5-year savings of $16,023.

Packets of information, including application forms, are available in the communication center.  For further information, call Lutheran Church Extension Fund at 800-843-5233 or visit

Would you like to earn a better interest rate on a kid’s savings account or on a short term deposit?  You could do this and help BSLC get our loan fee waived for our mortgage refinance all at the same time. It's easy, and there is a very low minimum deposit amount. Go to or call 800-843-5233. Already have an LCEF account? Please take a minute to call LCEF and make sure that they know you are a member of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church so that you are counted towards our total.