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BSLC Hope for Haiti

We are in the final week before our Hope for Haiti/Numana servant event at Beautiful Savior! Thank you for your prayers and support of this event by volunteering as a leader or working at a packaging station, and contributing financially towards Haiti relief.  We look forward to seeing you between 9-9:15 a.m. next Saturday, November 5th at the FLC.  As you enter through the FLC doors, there will be a brief check-in process, and then you'll be directed to your assembly station.  You may bring a ball cap in lieu of wearing a hair net if you'd like.  Child care will be available for those who need it.  Email Korey by November 1 (dcekorey@beautifulsavior-lsmo.org) if you will be needing child care.  Please keep our servant event in your prayers, and ask the Lord that our efforts will benefit the people of Haiti and be to His glory.  If you have any questions, please contact Joe Rinella at jmrinella@gmail.com and we'll see you there!

We are looking for corporate sponsors to help with our Numana food packaging event on November 5.  We encourage you to ask your place of work or contact a local business and see if they will help! Also prayerfully consider sharing your generosity by purchasing meals or a box of meals.  For more information, visit www.numanainc.com.  It's also easy to donate by visiting the Numana display table and taking an information card that includes a QR code to scan that directs you to the website via your smartphone. 


Two different places on the same

planet.   Prosperity, abundance, happiness, contentment, and peace on one hand; poverty, hardship, distress, sadness, despair on the other.  Hard to believe it, but it’s true.  We have just a short bit of geography that separates these two places - the United States and the country of Haiti.

In the year 2010, we watched in shock and horror how a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated a small island in the Caribbean Sea killing hundreds of thousands, and injuring far more than that; forever separating families and destroying the entire infrastructure as it was once known.  The capital, Port-au-Prince, sustained heavy damage, and the government was severely disrupted which put the country into a state of chaos.  In the past 6 years, rebuilding and recovery efforts have been slow despite billions of dollars of financial aid pledged and collected from private donors and governments around the world.  To date, Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with thousands of people on a waiting list for food, medicine, and supplies on a daily basis.

There are a number of missions located in Haiti performing relief work including rebuilding homes, feeding the hungry, providing education, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  One mission that we are working with is Mission of Hope, a hunger relief partner of Numana, Inc. located in Haiti.  Mission of Hope provides a way to feed the starving. They work with Numana to get the food into the hands of hungry people.  WE, at Beautiful Savior, will be able to make a difference for the people of Haiti, to get boxes of food on the truck to be delivered to Mission of Hope so that it can be DIRECTLY given to those who need it most.  To see it in action, click or go here for a special message from our Numana event coordinator, Ashley Burns.  https://vimeo.com/180781733

On Saturday morning, November 5, we will come together as the faith family of Beautiful Savior to pour some special, nutritious, ingredients together in packages that will feed the hungry in Haiti.  Our volunteers will engage in a worthwhile activity for some people on another part of this planet who could use our help right now.  Let’s extend the love of Jesus Christ to another part of our world as we come together for this servant event.  We plan to have a little fun that morning with some competition between our assembly table teams, sharing some videos and pictures on social media, playing some of your favorite Christian music, and putting some TLC with our food packages into the boxes to be loaded up on the Numana semi-truck.  Ashley Burns of Numana will help guide and lead our event for the morning and tell us all about how our efforts will benefit Haiti. 

We celebrate that we have hit our volunteer goal of 125 volunteers who have signed up to help on the morning of November 5!  But, we also need your generosity as well.  Each package we put together and seal contains six meals at $.30 meal, or $1.80 a package.  One box of meals contains 36 packages at $65 per box.  That’s the cost of a nice dinner out for a family of four, or maybe holding off on making that next purchase on Amazon.  You might also consider purchasing/donating $150 for 500 meals, or even $300 for 1000 meals!  The details are available at the BSLC Hope For Haiti/Numana display table in the church narthex, our BSLC church website, or at http://numanainc.com/event/beautiful-savior-lutheran-church/

We also have one corporate business sponsor from one of our members who will be representing their place of employment at our event with their co-workers.  They are reserving an entire table and being generous as well by donating their amount towards the total number of meals that they can produce.  Numana tells us that, on average, we can produce about 267 packages in one hour per table, and we’ll be volunteering about three hours of our time on that Saturday morning.  Many thanks to those company sponsors for their gifts, and we encourage any additional business sponsor participation as well!

Two different places on the same planet.  Let’s pray that the Lord would lead you to share your generosity as we are “Growing Up In Every Way” here at Beautiful Savior!  We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength… and, direction to carry out His work. (Phil. 4:13).


--Joe Rinella

Have you ever missed a meal?  Or, maybe, missed two meals in a day?  What would it be like if you missed an entire day of meals?  And, maybe even the next day as well? That feeling you get in the "pit of your stomach" is the same one that adults and children in Haiti experience every day.  There are approximately 71,000 children alone that are not receiving a consistent meal each day in Haiti.  However, there is good news!  Numana, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization, provides nutritious meals to many adults and children across the world and in the U.S. with their exclusive partner community through food packaging events.  We, at Beautiful Savior, have a food packaging event scheduled for Saturday, November 5, where we will come together in the FLC to assemble very special ingredients in packages, seal them, and box them up ready to be shipped to Haiti. Look for the Numana display in the church narthex soon for more information, including how you can sign-up to volunteer in some way for our "BSLC Hope for Haiti" servant event!

To view the presentation given on July 10 click below.  

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