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  November 2017  
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Upward Volunteer Opportunities

REGISTER FOR UPWARD BASKETBALL at  Evaluations will be on October 14 from 8 am to 4 pm.   We will need volunteers to help with the evaluation process. Also please consider helping us during January and February on game days.  If you would like to referee, coach, keep score/time, introduce players, or set up/tear down, please contact Pam Williams at (816) 524-7288 or

UPWARD Volunteers Are Needed on Saturdays during February. We need people to work in the concession stand, help line up players for announcements, help families find their team rooms, run the time clock (no score, just on/off of time) here at the church. If you would like to help with the older players, we can also use help at Prairie View as well.  We need people to start helping at 7:30/7:45 am at the church or 7:30 am at the school.  The last game at the church starts at 4:15, and the last game at the school starts at 3:45.

This year the concession stand during the Upward games will be run to help with the scholarships that we give out for families that need a little help with the registration fee so that their player can play.  You can help by taking a basketball tag off of the display and bring the item(s) back as soon as possible.  This will help us continue to offer scholarships to those families that need them.  


We need many, many volunteers to keep the Upward Basketball ministry alive in Lee’s Summit and at our church.  Please consider helping us during January and February on game days.  If you would like to referee, coach, keep score/time, introduce players, photographer, set up/tear down, direct traffic/sign-in teams, or shovel snow/deice please contact Pam Williams at (816) 524-7288 or

Upward is an evangelistic sports ministry specifically designed for Kindergarten through sixth grade boys and girls that promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem in every child.  Upward provides opportunities for churched and unchurched of our community to get involved in the ministry of our church.  They will have the opportunity to pray for our program, coach a team, referee a game, and develop relationships in order to open avenues of ministry to people of our community who will participate in our program.


Celebration food drive recommendations:

No Hungry Kids! Backpack Program Food List

Chicken or Tuna Helper

Canned chicken or tuna

 Pizza kits (complete—no added ingredients)

 Pasta and pasta sauce

 Mac and cheese (complete—no added ingredients)

 Canned pasta with pull lids (like Chef Boyardee)

 Mac and cheese bowls (individual)

 Noodle soup cups

 Peanut butter

 Cereal (individual boxes)

 Oatmeal packets

 Pop Tarts

 Fruit/applesauce cups

 Canned vegetables

 Canned fruit

 Fruit snacks

 Granola bars

 Pudding cups

 Cheese or peanut butter crackers packets

 Milk boxes (no refrigeration needed)

 Juice boxes

*No glass containers, please.      


Background checks are required for volunteers working with kids.  To complete a background check follow the link: