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New Email Address

The Women's Ministry can now be contacted at the email address

Future ministry emails will come from this address rather than an individual.


As God calls us to serve one another, our activities continue.  Mark your calendar for the following!


Ladies of Beautiful Savior

Has its own email- add  to your contact list.

Women’s Ministry Leadership Team Meeting – November 17 @ 6:30 p.m.


All women, 16 years of age and up, who are interested in learning about what the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team will look like and what roles need to be filled are invited to attend this meeting.  We are looking for ladies to take on leadership roles either for specific functions or for the overall program.  Planning for 2015 & 2016 will also occur this evening at the end with those women who decide they are being called to take an active leadership role.

Upcoming Events!

Bake Sale – Sunday, December 6 - Narthex & Family Life Center. All women are invited to support our ministry by providing baked or holiday goodies.
Please drop donations off by Friday morning, December 5th. Contact Julie Watson to volunteer to work one of the tables Sunday morning.

Advent Meal: On Wednesday, December 2, the women will serve their favorite soups for the Advent meal.  Please have food in the kitchen by 5 p.m. for serving right after service.  Ladies, let’s show off how well those crock pots work!


For the MOMSnext meeting on December 2 starting at 6:30, we are having a cookie exchange!!!  Ladies, please bring 3 dozen cookies to swap and share. Additionally this year please bring a book that you enjoyed reading and we can do a quick book exchange. Looking forward to sharing faith, fellowship, and food!


MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) meets from 6:30-8:00 pm the second Thursday of the month in the basement area. For more information, please contact Erin Jennum.

“Did I Hear Someone Say Wine?”

November 21 & 22 brings us to the Holiday Fare Wine Trail in Hermann.  Tickets are $30.00 apiece.  Room reservations are under discussion.  This trail includes 7 wineries and other extras.  For more info, please talk with Deb Williamson.

Looking back

As we start to look forward to our next year and how we will grow and what God will do with us, I thought it would be good to look back at the opportunities God blessed us with this last year.  It's these gentle reminders that can strengthen us to continue to reach out and touch others in a world filled with crankiness and selfishness.  God

  • refreshed us at Women of Faith.
  • gathered us together for a night of comedy.
  • provided food & clothing to Mother's Refuge.
  • celebrated winter with us and a Hot Cocoa party.
  • gifted us with a very successful holiday bake sale, raising funds for this year’s retreat.
  • surprised SIX schools with supplies for teachers.  Oh, were they thrilled!
  • had us help lead worship services on Women's Ministry Sunday.
  • showed us the joy of helping other ministries when contributing auctionable items to Abounding Love.
  • provided retail therapy for us with a craft fair brought in by MOPS.
  • taught us about spiritual warfare with readings of the Screwtape Letters and Spiritual Warfare.  He also taught some of us that it's okay to be a Sticky Mom.
  • strolled with us through a small local city, visiting antiques shops during a GNO (girls night out).

Be on the watch for ....

-Development of a Women's Leadership Ministry Team
-Planning for 2015-2016
-A Women's Resource Corner in the Library (need helper; contact Deb Williamson)
-Women's Prayers & Support Board
-Conceal & Carry Class - for women interested in learning.
-Card & Game Night(s)


Something for everyone to think about: We all have needs or wants, and that includes needing support, friends, care, stimulation, sharing, and any number of things that can only be filled in the presence of others.  If the groups or activities are not feeding, teaching or stimulating you, giving you the support or care you need, or doing the activities you want or need, speak up.  Maybe there's a way to fill that.  Maybe God is calling you to act. Maybe it's something the church needs to look at.  There are a lot of maybes but none that can be considered unless you speak up.  Get with Deb Williamson or one of the Pastors and talk about it. And pray.

Please save and collect your mites (your change) and put it in the MITE box located on the table in the communication center.  This money, as well as the stamps, is turned in to the District and National LWML's to help pay for the mission grants that are currently under way.  We thank you for your contributions.

Special Events

2015 Women's Retreat

BSLC Women's 3rd Annual Women's Retreat  - Be Still.  Prayer Changes ...

Hope in the Answer No

“Wow!” That sums up the feedback received by the ladies attending this year’s retreat, followed by, “When is next year’s?”  While we can’t tell you the answer to that question, we can tell you that we discovered how to spend time in the garden in this crazy busy era, uncover the peace that prayer can fill us with, realized how to become rooted so we are strong enough to share, and lastly discovered how it prepares us for the harvest. Games, stories, witnessing, prayers and experience filled our time.

“I recently attended the Women's Retreat for the third year.  What a blessing and gift from God!  The event was conveniently located in the Family Life Center.  The word "retreat" truly was embraced as the time was filled with songs, snacks, sharing, laughter, and prayer.  Every time I have attended, I found comfort in knowing my struggles were not unique to me.  Many were going through or have been through similar troubled times.  A sense of hope and the promise that God can get me through all my days was reinforced. The format has always been structured to break down barriers and feel comfortable getting to know our fellow sisters that we may be meeting for the first time at this event.  That's huge for me because I tend to have a two year waiting period before I trust opening up to anyone.  I have always walked away from the event planning to keep my eyes open for when the next retreat is put on the calendar so I can be sure to attend.  Thank you to all who use your God given talents to put this event on.”

                              --Robin Hertzog

We were especially blessed to have prepared prayer blankets for St Luke’s Hospice House and the Rachel House, pouring time and love into something so simple but that will give so much comfort.

Ladies of Beautiful Savior Women's Ministry desires to:

  • Draw women from 16 and up together to develop mentoring relationships.
  • Draw women from all services together to get to know God and each other better.
  • Create a safe and fun environment where women can care for each other and get care.
  • Care for our community through service projects, showing God's love, especially to the lost.

Probably the hardest question any of us has to answer is “Should I?”  Should I go to this school or that one? Should I change jobs, get married, buy a home, have kids, or serve God?  Another hard “should I” question is, “Should I do (fill in the blank) at church?”  Time today is considered by many, a commodity.  Unfortunately it is a commodity many spend doing what they think they should do and not what they are passionate about or gifted for.  It is my prayer for each of us that we spend time in conversation with God, doing a self-check about where we are giving our time and talents and if it’s where we are called to do so.

Women's Ministry at BSLC desires to:

Draw women from 16 and up together to develop mentoring relationships.

Draw women from all services together to get to know God and each other better.

Create a safe and fun environment where women can care for each other and get care.

Care for our community through service projects, showing God's love, especially to the lost.

 [The Fellowship of the Believers]

Why we need a Women’s Ministry

Among the many, many ministries Beautiful Savior is blessed with, one of them is an infant one, Women’s Ministry.  We’re still figuring out how much energy and other resources to put in it.  In praying about what to put in the newsletter today, I was led to the following articles. (All of them are excellent in their entirety. I encourage everyone to read them.)

“We are waging a spiritual battle for the glory of God, and we must all be as equipped as possible if we are to fight this good fight. We must be pushing each other and challenging one another to grow and be stronger and dream big dreams. God requires this of women just as much as he requires it of men, not for the sake of women, but for the sake of His name. So until we are maximizing our gifts and abilities, it is not ourselves who are being robbed, but God.  That, ladies, is why women’s ministry matters. And that is where women’s ministry is going.”

Excerpt from She Worships by Sharon Hodde Miller.

“Jesus was adamant about intentional discipleship. Learn together by living together. That’s what women’s ministry should be about. There are benefits for women being around other women, which is why, in most situations, I promote women’s ministries. The general goals of discipleship aren’t different than with anyone else in the church, but the specific approach often looks different. …

Women speak a woman’s language

Women know a woman’s danger zones

Women share woman stuff with women

Women need to be called by name

Excerpt from Christian Standard by Sharon Lawrence with David Rowland.  

But of all the articles, I think Sarah Bessey sums it up best.

“We’re not all in the same season of life. We are – or should be – diverse image bearers of a Divine God. We need Jesus. We are seeking deep spirituality. We are seeking fellow travelers. We are hungry for true community, a place to tell our stories and listen to another, to love well. But above all, point me to Jesus–not to the sale at the mall.”

Excerpt from faith it by Sarah Bessey. Excerpt from

Ladies, we need each other.  For all the hats each of us wears, very rarely do we put on the one that says feed thyself, water thyself, or nourish thyself.  Join in the movement. Let’s get our “experienced” women mentoring our younger ones.  Let’s take the time to feed our emotional piggybank and keep it from running dry.  Join in one of our existing groups (see below) or start one that speaks to your heart. You’re qualified.  Answer God’s call to attend one of our events or pitch in with the choosing, planning and presenting one.  Whatever you do, ladies, feed yourself so you are worshiping God with your life and able to feed others in their days of need or joy.


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