Growing Up In Every Way!

Pledge Weekend


As God’s people desiring to “Grow in Generosity” together, we pledged our firstfruits giving to the work of the Lord in this place, and even some over-and-above gifts for our “Growing up in Every Way” project.  If you missed out, it’s not too late to participate!  Extra pledge cards are available in the communication center at church.  Alternatively, an explanation of the project and a form that can be used as a pledge card can be found HERE.  We invite all to join in as we work together and GROW as the Body of Christ.  Remember to mark gifts intended for the special project by writing “Growing” in the memo line of your checks.


Friend in Christ,

This is your friendly reminder that this weekend we are making a pledge to the Lord as we trust his promises and give thanks for his many blessings.  Here is:

  1. A link to a document that can serve as your pledge card if necessary. Simply bring the top portion to worship this weekend, or mail it back to us if you will not be able to be here.  (We will have extra copies of the pledge cards here at church this weekend).
  2. A link to all our communications about “Growing up in Every Way,” including videos, sermons, articles, study resources, and more.
  3. An updated version of the email we sent two weeks ago (it appears below), which outlines what we desire to accomplish together by God’s grace and strength.

God has blessed us so richly in Christ Jesus, our Lord.  What a joy it is to respond then as LIVING SACRIFICES, holy to God!

In Him,

Pastor Jon

The email is as follows…

Dear Friend:

May we ask you to dream for a minute? 

Imagine what YOUR church would look like if everyone was engaged:

Imagine what BSLC will do when we:

It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?  There is a way we can make it a reality.  And we believe it will happen as we GROW.  We’re not talking about growth in membership numbers, but growth in each of us individually and in all of us together.

God encourages us to be “Growing up in Every Way” (see Ephesians 4:15-16).  We have been talking about how we can “Grow in Faith.”  We will be talking soon about how we can “Grow in Service.”  But now, we are invited and challenged to “Grow in Generosity.

We have the opportunity to make the first of three annual financial pledges on the weekend of February 27 & 28.  We will be pledging first to the Lord our regular, sacrificial, firstfruits giving to support the work of the Gospel here at BSLC.  This kind of a pledge isn’t something we ordinarily do, but it is a good opportunity for us all to take some time to analyze our giving, challenge ourselves to do better, make a conscious decision on what to give, and ask God to bless it, for he can provide!  This will better help our giving to be an act of trust and worship, rather than simply a routine.

The pledge, secondly, will also be for over-and-above gifts.  These are gifts we give in addition to our regular giving to the church budget.  These gifts are given in faith as a way to say “we dare to dream big.”  These offerings given to the “Growing up in Every Way” fund will be split evenly to three areas so that we can:

As the funds come in, we will send 1/3 of the gifts toward early principal payments, saving us thousands and thousands of dollars over the life of our loan.  Imagine what you could do at home if you didn’t have to pay your mortgage!  Imagine what incredible mission or ministry we could do together if we were done paying the mortgage on God’s house!

We will use another 1/3 of the gifts to enhance our campus, as we assess, prioritize, and execute many repair and improvement projects.  How great it will be when we have an improved security system, new heating and cooling units, a mower that won’t need constant repairs, better lighting, and much more!

The final 1/3 of the gifts will be dedicated to expanding our ministry.  The exact plan for this portion will be finalized as we go, but it will likely include temporary funding so we can add staff (the current plan calls for a part-time music director).  It may also include a way to expand our preschool, or a new mission or ministry start as we partner with another LCMS church, or another option altogether.  Those details are being worked out now, but you can be sure of this, we will act on carefully made plans so we can better proclaim Christ crucified and risen for the world!

So, what’s next?  We invite you to:


When we asked you to dream, what did you imagine?  Well, God has a way of taking our many, various hopes and dreams and making something even better out of them.  He is the Lord of the Church.  Christ is the Head of the Body.  It is a joy for us that He is at work in us, as we are “Growing up in Every Way.”

In Him,

The Growing Team